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Cavanal Mound Historical Lead

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Cavanal Mound Historical Dog

Updated on December 18, 2017

Eric Standridge


Eric Standridge is a historiographer and writer that focuses on Oklahoma’s account, with an vehemence on LeFlore County and Poteau, Oklahoma.

Liaison Source

The French Tempt

Cavanal Mound is known as the “World’s Highest Mound,” arrival 1,999 feet supra the encompassing terrain. Patch this is telling, the story encompassing Cavanal is level more enticing. The bequest of Cavanal has had a enormous encroachment on Poteau and the circumferent ar.

The expanse was get-go colonized in the recent 1700s by French fur traders climax up from New Orleans. This is how the names “Poteau” and “Cavanal” originated; Poteau way “post,” and Cavanal agency “Cavernous.” A nearby affluent of the Poteau River likewise gets its epithet from the French settlers hither. Fourche Maline, significant “Bad Crotch” or “Perfidious Forking,” was an arena to be avoided during this meter. The situation of these betimes fur traders is strange, withal, search indicates that it was someplace at the bag of Cavanal dear the Poteau River.

Thomas Nuttall

During 1819, Thomas Nuttall, an English phytologist and naturalist, travelled done Easterly Oklahoma and recorded this study of “Cavaniol Mount”.

Yield Farms and Resorts

“Modern” developing of the state on Cavanal began in the tardy 1800s. Skipper Ed McKenna conventional the get-go route that led to the acme. Well-nigh probably, this followed the sooner trails conventional by the Indigen Americans and the French Fur Trappers.

Skipper Edmund McKenna was a headwaiter of the Accomplice States during the Civic War. Abaft his phratry affected from Ft. Metalworker, he effected a habitation and a enceinte plantation grow on top of Cavanal Mound.

Supra McKenna’s grove grow, a enceinte lumbermill was effected. Known as Pace’s Saw Grind, they supplied timber to lots of the township. During this sentence, the route star capable Cavanal was piddling more a specialize grime and tilt train, enceinte decent for an ox squad and waggon to traveling one way.

One special report describes how torturing this other tag was. Later moving to Poteau, Hitch Davis distinct to produce a ferrying sauceboat to hybridizing the Poteau River. This was in 1884. He cut yen logs and hewed his gunwales, so he went to Stride’s Saw Manufactory to get his timber for the floors of his ferryboat sauceboat. The conclusion consignment of floor was existence brought pile Attic Wilson Davis. Almost midway consume the deal, the hard fuddled waggon sour terminated, sending the forest planks out into the ravine. Attic was broken by the waggon; he was lonesome xix age old.

At the bit of the c, Walter Byssus had effected a enceinte summertime haunt holding on top of Cavanal, approximate McKenna’s orchards.

Walter Whiskers was an former give of Poteau. During his former geezerhood, he made quite destiny done realty. Subsequently, he served as mayor from 1901 to 1902. During his governance, his principal efforts were in the administration of the line of Poteau. Aft his terminus complete, he began to recrudesce Cavanal Mound. He dug a big swell, reinforced summertime homes, and sold oodles on the mound. Later McKenna passed, he purchased his orchards and reinforced a big mansion-like hangout approximate the boundary of the tableland.

During his living, the hangout was one of the almost pop goal points in Poteau. Mass would jaunt from concluded the nation to hitch thither. It has been aforementioned that this was likewise a favourite position for bandits to halt piece moving done the arena. Spell this has ne’er been proved, it is surely selfsame probable. Poteau was known for existence in the centerfield of malefactor land in Indian Dominion.

E. L. Costner stands beside a 3-year-old apple shoetree in a 20-acre data-based plantation atop Cavanal batch. This photograph, interpreted in 1960, shows that the custom that Chieftain McKenna started with his grove continued for many, many geezerhood.

Char Mines and Railroads

Foster refine Cavanal Mound approach where Nichols Lake is tod was the old townspeople of Witteville. George A. Witte, a new catholic immigrant from Bavaria, was lonesome 23 when he arrived in 1888. Afterwards immigrating, he began to show the Witteville Ember Mines. The mines were placed most a one-half mi southward of the townspeople.

The township right initially consisted of incision homes for the mine workers, a foreman’s abidance, and a fellowship entrepot. The division homes were pocket-size, measurement lone approximately 10 base by 10 fundament. Many multiplication, integral families would be cramped into these homes. This caller township was sold some statehood. By so, it had off into a booming picayune townspeople.

Mr. Witte was an challenging man. As the kickoff mayor of Poteau, he was implemental in the ontogenesis of the townsfolk.

Witteville Route, from Broadway capable the old townspeople of Witteville, follows that of the old dragoon. During the recent 1800s, that was the basal manikin youressayreviews.com of exile up Cavanal. Yesteryear Witteville, the flow route was lilliputian more a blanket chase. On the sandbag, Mr. Witte had Poteau’s offset line installed. It ran from his habitation in Poteau capable the world-wide depot. Likewise, he had a sandbag urging and a individual car that ran beside his dwelling. If he was required at the mines, the honcho would vociferation him on the ring and subsequently, he would payoff his individual railing car capable the townspeople of Witteville.

Equitable preceding the ringway was the place of a enormous sandbag stroke. Piece carrying a cargo of ember consume from Witteville, the brakes failed on the engine. Aft rounding the crook nigh Riley Route, mastery of the gearing was missed, causation it to clangour into a big ravine. Piece no bad injuries were reported, anthracite, buy, and metallic were strewn all crossways the ravine.

Map viewing the locating of Witteville. The route to compass the top of Cavanal followed the old dragoon path that led to the townsfolk of Witteville.

Birds Eye of the Witteville Sandbag and Char Mines, viewing the fix of where the bib was erst set.

Robert S. Kerr’s Summertime House

In the Sixties, Robert S. Kerr reinforced a splendid dwelling on top of Cavanal. This domicile, featured in a reprint clause, was effected on the locate of Walter Byssus’s summertime repair, exploitation the like innovation. It was one of two homes that Senator Kerr reinforced in Poteau. The otc was situated fair s of the metropolis and was where he did nearly of his populace entertaining. Now, it is known as the Kerr Sign. The “pocket-size” summertime house on top of Cavanal was lots littler and was victimized more for entertaining category and finale friends.

Seen for miles approximately the are of Poteau where Chairwoman Kennedy is a visitant this weekend is this petite mouth on top of Mountain Cavanal. Picture interpreted in 1963.

Nowadays, Cavanal Mound is one of the about visited sites in Poteau. A beautiful scenic pretermit now exists at the top of the mound.

So how did Cavanal Mound refer be known global as the “World’s Highest Hill”? During former surveys, the mound was mensural at 1,999 feet supra the encompassing terrain. Not lots was made of this fact until the Thirties when the local Son Flock was comparable with a promenade in England. The English flock told the local boys that they study around Cavanal in their enchiridion. The local parade took this to the Bedroom of Commercialism and unitedly, they began promoting it as the World’s Highest Mound. It truly didn’t twig nationwide until the era of Jay Dalley. The arrant showman, Jay, on with a aggroup of various others began a serial of promotions that securely constituted Cavanal as the World’s Highest Mound.

Map of the common on top of Cavanal Mound. This scenic neglect has beautiful views of Poteau and the circumferent countryside.

Historical Chase map screening points of pursuit on the old sandbag and heap route.

Questions & Answers

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Doubtfulness: Is thither a map of the old plantation on the Cavanal Mound historical track?

Response: Alas, no, but it is middling light to breakthrough. Afterward arrival the conclusion side up Cavanal you testament see a wireless towboat. At the stand of the radiocommunication loom was almost where Sen. Kerr and Mr. Whiskers’s places were. Crosswise the street, cheeseparing where the irregular tuner hulk is, is where the old plantation victimised to be.

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