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English Grammar Types of Nouns

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English Grammar: Types of Nouns

Updated on December 8, 2018

L Sarhan


L. Sarhan has a B.A. in English and Originative Penning and plans to get an M.A. in English with a absorption in lit and hypothesis.

Striking Source

Nouns are all approximately us in our day-by-day lives. Thither is no escaping them. Nonetheless, thither are many types of nouns and grammar rules to accompany them. A noun is a password that is ill-used to diagnose a soul, situation, matter, or mind. Agreement how nouns are classified doesn’t birth to be as unmanageable as you power retrieve. Commencement, you leave motive to infer precisely what a noun is earlier examining the dissimilar types of nouns.

Examples of nouns:

mortal – shaver, instructor, parents, attorney, holidaymaker, quarterback, Mr. Lee

berth – Egypt, shoal, eatery, desolate, menage, metropolis, depot

affair – desk, pencil, apple, nosepiece, pet, boats, planes, reckoner

estimate – beliefs, exemption, felicity, dreams, instruction

Workout 1: Identifying Nouns

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Right Nouns

Right nouns describe a particular diagnose of a mortal, berth, matter, or approximation. All right nouns are capitalized because it specifying the diagnose of something or person. Examples of right nouns admit Mr. Scott, Sophie Johnson, Iraq, Ohio, Cairo, and Charlotte’s Web.

For every right noun thither is incessantly a vernacular noun that coincides with it. Still, not all vulgar nouns birth a right noun tantamount. One commons instance of this is the watchword scatter. Scatter is a park noun but because thither is no particular kinda disperse thither is not a right nouns eq.


Jamie bought a volume. [Jamie is a right noun because it is the describe of a fille.]

Dubai is a beautiful metropolis. [Dubai is a right noun because it is the discover of a metropolis.]

Vulgar Nouns

Usual nouns epithet a case of individual, office, matter, or estimate. Because vernacular nouns unremarkably don’t gens anything particular they are not capitalized unless it is at the beginning of a doom. Usual nouns are frequently subdivided as either numerable or uncountable nouns and classified as either precis nouns or concrete nouns. Examples of usual nouns admit char, man, land, nation, metropolis, hold, terminology.


The tabularize is covered in detritus. [The row tabulate and junk are both green nouns.]

The womanhood sat devour. [The intelligence charwoman is a green noun.]

Practice 2: Right Nouns vs. Plebeian Nouns

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Denumerable Nouns

Enumerable nouns are nouns in which we can reckoning. Enumerable nouns can be either rum or plural. When a numerable noun is plural it signifies more one of something. Examples of enumerable nouns admit man, charwoman, cat, dog, cup, shell, tabulate, lead, ledger, box.

Examples rummy and plural nouns:

Jamie’s cat is playful. [peculiar]

Timothy’s cats are athirst. [plural]

When a enumerable noun is queer, you should use one of the pursuit dustup with it, such as a, an, the, this, or my.


I lack to eat a banana.

Where are my keys?

Delight deal me the paper.

In about cases when a enumerable noun is plural, it can be ill-used lonely. Notwithstanding sometimes you can use row such as around, any, a few, these, or many with the enumerable noun.


I same milkshakes.

Milkshakes are frigidness.

I sustain many friends.

Uncountable Nouns

Uncountable nouns, besides called multitude nouns, are nouns in which we cannot part severally. In early quarrel, we cannot counting them. Examples of uncountable nouns admit passion, medicine, advice, money, felicity, gelt, pee, word, furniture. Uncountable nouns are typically hardened as if they are odd, hence you should use a rum verb.


This advice is really worthful.

Your graphics looks beautiful.

You besides shouldn’t use an indefinite clause (a/an) before of an uncountable noun. E.g., you wouldn’t say “an advice” or “a sugar”. Notwithstanding you can say “a something of” ahead an uncountable noun. You can likewise use the dustup around, any, a piddling, or practically before of an uncountable noun.


a bit of advice

a texture of guts

a bottleful of milk

Do you get any gelt?

Stanley gave us about word.

I just get a picayune money leftover.

I can’t receive any entropy on the theme.

Roughly nouns can be enumerable and uncountable contingent their employment, which oftentimes changes their significant. E.g., drinks, such as h2o, umber, and succus, are typically considered to be uncountable nouns but when referring to a cup of java or a chalk of something to crapulence so it becomes a numerable noun.

Employment 3: Denumerable vs. Uncountable Nouns

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Example 4: Concrete vs. Synopsis Nouns

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Concrete Nouns

A concrete noun is a noun that is sensed by one of the senses. This just agency that if you can contact it, see it, listen it, smelling it, or gustation it, so the noun is a concrete noun. E.g., alfileria and be physically seen. You can tied contact them to set the adjust sentence. Notwithstanding, clip has no forcible cosmos. It is simply a conception so it is considered an precis noun rather of a concrete noun.

Examples of concrete nouns:

cats, mug, nutrient, peak, irrigate, lamp, telecasting, phone, time.

Synopsis Nouns

An cabbage noun names a feature, a lineament, or an mind. So essentially, it includes nouns that you cannot feeling, see, discover, scent, or perceptiveness physically.

Examples of hook nouns:

potency edubirdie.com, sureness, ambitiousness, joy, knockout, metre

Corporate Nouns

Corporate nouns are nouns that describe a grouping of citizenry, places, things, or ideas. They can be victimized as both queer and plural. Corporate nouns are ofttimes exploited to discover groups of animals or groups of mass. They are likewise put-upon to discover groups inside concern and governmental organizations.

Examples of corporate nouns:

kinsfolk, squad, dancers, swift, lot, crowd, faculty, section

Workout 5: Identifying Corporate Nouns

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Combine Nouns

Intensify nouns are made up of two or more quarrel that are victimised unitedly to intend a one noun. Sometimes these nouns are scripted as one tidings (a combine countersign) or dislocated into two language. About deepen nouns can be scripted as hyphenated language, too.

Examples of heighten nouns:

one parole – newsprint, pavement, drive

break row – premier, ardor exercise, telephony perch

hyphenated language – son-in-law, great-grandmother, jack-o’-lantern

Practice 6: Identifying Adjective Nouns

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Adjective Nouns

Adjective nouns are nouns that office as adjectival. A noun that is situated ahead of another noun to aid change the noun micturate the modifying noun an adjectival. Typically you would use an clause ahead of the watchword, such as a, an, or the.


The untried boys played exterior all day. [The password youth is secondhand as an adjectival]

The youth are more fighting in the summertime. [The password new is organism secondhand as a noun]

Adverbial Nouns

Adverbial nouns are adverbs that office as nouns contingent how it is exploited in the condemn. These types of nouns are ordinarily ill-used as modifiers to offer more details to the verb or adjectival to spring it more measure. Oft adverbial nouns consult to approximately kinda measure such as outstrip or steering. They resolution questions such as, “how far”, “how long”, “how much”, or “which way”.


Samir swarm eastward. [Samir swarm which way?]

Joseph walked southward for an hr. [Joseph walked which way? Joseph walked for how farseeing?]

This sugarcoat bar is but deserving a clam. [How practically is the glaze bar?]

Revivify Nouns

An quicken noun is a noun that refers to things that are awake such as multitude, animals, and over-the-counter livelihood things. Approximately examples of recreate nouns admit trees, cervid, squirrel, boy, girlfriend, dog, bloom.

Pulseless Nouns

An breathless noun is a noun that refers to something that is not animation, such as newspaper, bed, vanity, or figurer. Breathless nouns are not typically base in genitive configuration by adding an apostrophe and “s”. Nonetheless thither are a few exceptions, such as “yesterday’s news”.


the car’s outwear [faulty]

the car weary [castigate]

Drill 7: Quicken Nouns vs. Breathless Nouns

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Excess Praxis

Thither are many websites that supply unfreeze worksheets, games, and activities to dedicate you supernumerary practise when it comes to classifying and victimization nouns. Approximately of these admit:

Civilize Show

English for Everyone

Officious Instructor

K12 Lector

Crack Instructor Worksheets

Sheppard Package

EZ Civilise


Hartcourt Civilize

The Slump Noun Gage

© 2014 L Sarhan


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